Custom Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home

Most custom kitchens are built by one crew per kitchen. Only those people ever touch those cabinets. This is how you truly know your kitchen is unique. Even if your neighbor chooses the same finish, door styles, and wood the subtle differences in workmanship will show. So no need to worry if the “Jones Family” has your kitchen.  Custom kitchens can come with a huge price tag.  As you could and should expect from a handmade piece of furniture. Yes furniture.  These types of cabinets are so well made and the finish is so flawless that it could be compared to a piece of furniture.  A well built and finished cabinet can be , and in most cases is, spectacular.

Sometimes you may be able to find a great deal. What do I mean by this? A custom cabinetmaker may be able to get you a better price than the “big dogs”. They can do this because their overhead is a lot lower.  Not having 500,000 sq ft of factory really cuts down on the price. The attention to detail a small cabinetmaker puts into the cabinets they build is more than a job, it’s a livelihood. Popular add-ons in a custom kitchen are wine racks, spice racks, pullout shelves, glass faced cabinets, and a fold down storage area in the sink base cabinet. Other add-ons are a broom cabinet, pullout pan racks, lazy susans, and pantries.

A local cabinetmaker can do a truly unique kitchen but this price is generally very steep but will give you a custom color like cream or black kitchen cabinets.   They will usually spend the extra time with you to find out what you really want. They will also come to your house and give recommendations on how best to utilize the space. Along with any architectural details that would give your kitchen that little something extra.

KEEP THIS IN MIND. Some manufactures consider a custom cabinet, a cabinet that has been modified in height, width, and depth but still come from the same product line as the semi-custom cabinets.

So this means there really are not a whole lot of custom qualities but the size. The finish colors and techniques are still the same as a semi-custom cabinet. You should weigh the price difference between the two, and see if the price tag is worth a couple of extra inches here and there.

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